Are you getting divorced?

Endbright provides you with support and advice through all phases of divorce or separation.

Don’t know how to get started or what steps to take? Fill out Endbright’s Divorce Analysis – only four questions – to get relevant facts for your situations and step-by-step advice on what you need to do (only in Swedish).

The Divorce Analysis
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What you get from Endbright

  • Free-of-charge personal Divorce Planning
  • Carefully selected divorce advisors & specialists
  • Favorable prices
  • Digital accessibility, no matter where you live
  • Comprehensive solutions for all needs
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Why Divorce Planning?

A Divorce Planner is a personal project manager who helps you in the separation process. In conversation with the Divorce Planner, you go through your situation. Do you need help with property division, with divorce law, custody issues, or support in the relationship with your co-parent? Do you need mental support? The Divorce Planner works all this out together with you and it results in a plan for what you need to do.

Divorce Planning is FREE and is also included as part of all our counseling packages.

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